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Every day, every day people have awesome ideas
Now you can launch every idea with IdeasKicker.
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Use the power of trusted social networks
to validate and launch your ideas. IdeasKicker helps make your ideas a reality, for fun or profit.

Brain Dump

Secure tools to document your idea wherever you may be. Type it. Speak it. Sketch it. It's encrypted until you share it. Use IdeasKicker as a personal Ideas Vault.
Never forget an idea again.

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Crowd Vett

Create trusted private and public Teams to share and kick around your ideas with. Get instant feedback via positive 'Kicks' and negative 'Drops'.
It lets your best ideas bubble to the surface.

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Take your best ideas from CrowdVetting and use our Launch and Marketplace tools to rapidly launch your ideas. Launch them locally or globally with the help of idea 'Catchers'.
Get paid or gain social kudos for coming up with the idea.

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