Crowd Vetting

"Crowd Vetting is bouncing your ideas off social network contacts (and even strangers) to get their feedback to validate your ideas."

Brad Jeffery - Founder & CEO IdeasKicker, circa 2010 when he first coined the term describing the functions of IdeasKickers to friends. now defines it as (see here):

Use of input from large numbers of people to collectively assess the merit of something.

We all bounce ideas off people, mostly our (poor) friends. Sometimes however, your friends can be a little too kind when you ask them about an idea. What you really need is honest opinions, sometimes brutally honest, so you don't spend a lot of time and money on an idea before the market really tells you the truth.

CrowdVetting allows you to do this, and more. You can reach thousands of people instantly and speed up your creative process.

Ideas are the one thing which cannot be automated. Creativity is a part of what it means to be human, but a lot of the time our ideas stay locked in our heads. It's now time to unlock your ideas and get them out into the universe.

It allows you to get both positive and negative feedback on your ideas. At IdeasKicker, we value the negative just as much as the positive. Negative feedback should be welcomed as it often more constructive than the positive.

Your ideas are precious, valuable commodities which can be a little scary to put 'out there' in this way. Our unique process protects those ideas so you always own them, and can be rewarded without you having to do anything other than Kick them Off.

We've all had ideas which, at the time, seem just awesome. But often they are out of our domain of knowledge, capability or funding. But nonetheless they are worthy of exploring using IdeasKicker. We bring you the other parts of this equation which you do not possess

Getting your ideas into 'The Crowd' is the first step. But then what?

Firstly, if your ideas have merits, you can then use other tools such as Crowd Funding or our Market Ideas Program to realise them.

Then, as your idea matures, you can come back to CrowdVetting to make your idea even more advanced.

Some Examples

  • You are a Brand Manager and have a pool of consumer advocates you trust. You have a new feature or product you'd like to introduce to the market. Using IdeasKicker you can get feedback the same day you thought of it, wasting less time on feature or product development than any existing model.
  • You've had this crazy idea for ages which could clean up all the space debris in orbit, known as space junk. Of course, you are not apart of any space program or have a couple of million dollars spare to blasat into space. So you use IdeasKicker to get your idea out there. Then through the power of our website, Elon Musk from SpaceX is referred to your idea and he goes 'Wow, I can do that!' With his resources he makes it happen and you get the social credit for it. You are happy with just getting this social credit, but hey, Elon is a nice guy and gives you a donation for being such a forward thinker.
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